Knockout Game: Actress Witnesses Attack in Venice Beach

January 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A knockout game attack was witnessed by actress Rose McGowan in Venice Beach, California.

“I just witnessed a 65 year old man get punched by an evil guy playing that [expletive] knockout game,” she said via Twitter.

The “evil guy” was wearing a mask and riding a skateboard, McGowan said.

She said she tried chasing him but he was too fast.

The so-called knockout game is a trend where people, usually youth, try to knock out random people with one punch.

McGowan said the victim was bleeding from the ear and that she called an ambulance.

The man had a little dog with him.

Referring to McGowan’s role as the witch Paige Matthews in the television series “Charmed,” one of her fans told her via Twitter: “I bet this is one of those times you wished you actually had Paige’s powers. Make that dirt bag pay.”

“Right?!” responded McGowan.

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