King Bach Dies? Car Crash Death Hoax Goes Viral

King Bach, the popular Vine uploader, wasn’t killed in a car crash.

A number of users on Twitter were saying that he was.

However, they appear unfounded, as he most recently tweeted at 10:30 p.m. ET.

“Be kind, rewind,” he wrote.

It’s unclear where the car crash rumor started.

King Bach has been subjected to death hoaxes in the past–notably a few months ago.


The Associated Press update for Robin Williams’ death:

Williams remembered fondly by military 
NEW YORK (AP) — Robin Williams was a superstar in movies, on television and at comedy clubs.

But some of his biggest laughs came at military bases.

Elizabeth O’Herrin of the Wisconsin Air National Guard remembers working the night shift in the city of Doha in Qatar, delivering munitions to American fighter jets.

It was 2004, the holiday season, and Herrin and friends camped out at the Al Udeid Air Base. A USO show was arriving, Williams was a featured performer and O’Herrin wanted front row seats.

“He had everybody roaring. It felt really good; it was the first time in a while we had had a chance to laugh,” says O’Herrin, 30, now a resident of Chicago.

Members of the armed forces have long held special affection for Williams, who died Monday at age 63 after he hanged himself in his San Francisco Bay Area home. Williams never served in the military, but he was a tireless participant in USO shows and also was remembered for playing real-life Air Force sergeant and disc jockey Adrian Cronauer in the 1987 film “Good Morning, Vietnam.”

O’Herrin, discharged honorably as a staff sergeant in 2008, said that Williams was “sweating profusely,” but never seemed to tire.

“I remember some of the jokes being borderline inappropriate, but we got the chance to cut loose a little bit and roll with it. Afterward, I got to meet him. I took a picture with him and shook his hand. He engaged with all the troops, gave them big hugs and big handshakes.”