Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats: Money, K Coins, Work, Dating Tips, Plus Hacks for the Popular App Game

By Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber covers U.S. and world news. He is based in Maryland.
July 22, 2014 Updated: July 25, 2014

People playing the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game are looking for the top cheats, hacks, and tips–including how to get energy faster and how to make more money.

Check out the latest cheats d6wn below:


A number of download links are circulating online, especially on YouTube. Be careful about anything you download. Some of these are part of scams.

One huge download cheat that enables players to get lots of money and k stars has been verified.

Start out by downloading the file. Since it’s a .rar file, use a program such as RAR expander or WinRar to extract the contents. The downland iFunBox, a program that enables you to access application files on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Before bringing on this file, make sure to eliminate the “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game from your device. To do that, select the menu option in the top left corner within the game and then press restart. Then close the app  and delete it. Then remove it from the GameCenter by going to the center and clicking on the Games bubble. Also delete the game from iCloud by going to settings, Storage & Backup, Manage Storage.

To confirm the game is completely gone, go to the main Settings menu, select General, then Usage, Manage Storage, and click the app. Press edit then Delete All. Then log out of the GameCenter.

Now reinstall the game to your device from the AppStore. Once it’s installed, open it, then exit it and close it from your running apps. Try to remember this cumbersome process that you’ll be getting the cash and K-Stars in-game for free, instead of spending money and contributing to the estimated $200 million that the game is projected to make.

Now open iFunbox and plug your device into your computer. Select user applications and navigate to the app, then select the Documents file and delete it–don’t worry if it reappears after deletion.

Open the GameSve file and select either the male or female character. Once you open the character file, drag and drop the Documents file into the iFunBox.


Now open the game. It should open preloaded with billions of dollars and a bunch of K-Stars.

Other Cheats

In reality, there are few actual cheats for the game. One that has been mentioned is getting unlimited energy.

To get unlimited energy, advance the time on your gadget to speed up the automatic replenishment.

However, it’s a little more complicated because the game has tried to combat players doing this. You actually need to close the game and remove it from the cache. Then you can go to the device settings and move the time up, even for just 30 minutes.

Also, get free money and silver stars by watching videos and completing offers. You get $10 per video and 1 silver star per video watched. 

There appears to be a limit on this, to the tune of several videos a day. 

Two other big “cheats” are avoiding paying rent by not going home to see the landlord, and getting hidden money and rewards (see below).


—Completing projects

The most important part of the game is completing projects, including photo shoots and acting gigs. After a project is completed, you can move on to others. It’s also possible to do more than one at the time.

You can check which projects you can do in your quest tab, and check which ones you’re currently embarked on by tapping the check mark box in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

—Earning extra money

Money is also important in this game, and a good way to get it is working at the So Chic department store. You can also work at some of the Kardash stores, which are spread across the country. The Miami, Calabasas, and New York locations specifically will let you work there.

The longer the shift, the more money you get, along with experience points. Work the longest shifts possible. Also, try not to start gigs until your energy is completely full because it’s easier to complete it and get 5 stars. If your manager calls with a long gig, ask if there are any shorter ones.

iPhone Screenshot 2

—Changing appearance

To change hair and skin color, along with make-up, go to the Clothes store by tapping the hanger button. After tapping the head icon, you should see a new head and eye icon. 

Use the menu to change the skin or eye color, or other options such as hairstyle.

—Connect with friends

If you connect your game on Facebook then you can flirt and connect with friends who are playing the game as well.

Just send them a request or a message on Facebook indicating that you’re looking to play together. To invite someone to a gig, tap the blue person icon with the plus sign, then choose the person. Friends can typically help you earn more.

—Connecting with contacts inside the game

The more people you meet in the game the better. You meet them at places such as clubs and bars.

Adding contacts earns you a fan bonus, and you can also connect with them in some of the projects.


To invite someone on a date, go to a restaurant, club, or bar then click the pink heart icon with the plus sign and choose the person. Try to always date people that are higher than you on the list.

It’s also best to start dates with full energy because it’s easier to complete the gig and get 5 stars. You can get more experience points by buying a drink at the bar and asking for gossip and tips. Also, try to save most of your money and silver stars to charm people who are above you.

iPhone Screenshot 4

—Remember where you are

The game has a number of cities players can choose from. They can move between them on public transportation. Your manager will tell you where your first gig is but it can that’s about it.

California locations include Pop Glam and So Chic in downtown Los Angeles, The Brew Palms in Hollywood, Panino and Kim’s Mansion in Beverly Hills, the Mystery Entrance in Calabasas, and the Airport at LAX.

Out of State locations include the Beach House and LIF in Miami, Chateau Nuit and Glamm Magazine in Las Vegas, and Gates Towards and Kardash in New York City.

Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber covers U.S. and world news. He is based in Maryland.