Kelly Ripa on Her Way to Turks and Caicos Amid Drama on ‘Live’

By Chika Dunu
Chika Dunu
Chika Dunu
April 21, 2016 Updated: April 21, 2016

It will continue to be Michael and whoever can fill in on “LIVE! With Kelly and Michael.”

A day after Kelly Ripa was noticeably absent on the April 20 airing of “Live!” she will not appear alongside Michael Strahan in the coming days, according to sources.

A “beyond angry” Ripa is reportedly on her way to Turks and Caico with her children and husband, Mark Consuelos. The couple is said to have “long planned” this getaway as their 20th wedding anniversary gift. The couple will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary on May 1.

“It’s fortuitous that she had this trip planned with her husband and it wouldn’t be surprising if it started early,” the source said.

It couldn’t come at a more suspicious time.

Michael Strahan announced that he was leaving for Good Morning America in September. The April 19 announcement “blindsided” 45-year-old Ripa, who reportedly wasn’t given a heads-up. Despite the betrayal, Ripa intends to remain professional.

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“She’s being very mature about this and choosing not to talk a lot and to wait and see how this plays out,” said the source. “She’s dedicated everything to the program, it was the primary focus in her career, she has been dedicated to maintaining the show for both the staff and viewers—and then all of a sudden the entire program is changed without them being decent enough to give her any notice.”

For viewers who are uncertain where the show will go from here, shouldn’t worry.

The former soap opera actress will “definitely” return to the show, though there isn’t a timetable for her return.