Business Resolutions: 3 tips on making 2014 a bountiful year!

January 8, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

You wake up on January 1st and you think to yourself: This is it. This year I am going to achieve all my business resolutions! But then six months go by and you can’t event remember what your resolved to do in the first place. Make sure 2014 is a bountiful year by following these three tips below that will help you set realistic goals, keep them in mind and achieve them –yes, actually reach your goals!- by the time 2015 is here.

Are my goals realistic? It’s never fun to double guess yourself but it is necessary if you are serious about achieving your business resolutions. Everyone wants to make a million dollars but maybe you should first aim at making $100,000. Reconsider all your goals in this way and compare what you are trying to achieve to what was actually achieved in 2013. Usually, any goal that attempts to more than triple a result from last year is not realistic unless the structure or funding of your company has been altered drastically.  Try to stick to 5-10 goals. More than that and it will become very difficult to achieve them all.

Ok you now have your goals. One of my favorite motivational speakers, Brian Tracy, always says that writing down our goals is what brings us one step closer to achieving them. This is due to the law of Attraction, which although hasn’t been proven scientifically, seems to be an important factor for many successful entrepreneurs and business owners. If you have time, create a vision board for your goals. You can do this easily by cutting out images from old magazines that help visualize some of your goals. Place your goal sheet or vision board somewhere where you will read them everyday. Having your goals close at hand will keep them present in your mind.  Take 10 minutes to write down time frames and deadlines for each goals. How long will each goal take? And, when do you want to have achieved this goal within the year? 

Now, stick to it! No one can make you keep your resolutions but try considering this. No matter what you decide to do this year or how hard you decide to work, the time will ellipse either way. And, you will inevitably find yourself on December 31st 2014 thinking about your resolutions from the year past. How great would it feel if you accomplished all of your goals? How much more successful would you be? How many steps closer would you be to your ultimate goal as a business owner? Hold on to these feelings whenever you feel yourself wavering.

We’re all human and we all have lapses in discipline so don’t take it too hard on yourself if you don’t achieve all your goals. Instead try to achieve at least the 3 most important ones to you. And, don’t forget to celebrate if you do achieve them! Celebration is very important!