Kate Middleton Reportedly Looking for Prince George Nanny; She Also Had Low-Key Birthday

January 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Kate Middleton and Prince William are searching for a nanny to take care of Prince George when they go to Australia and New Zealand, said a report this week.

William’s old nanny, 71-year-old Jessie Webb, was hired for a three-month term earlier this year, and now, Middleton needs permanent nanny help. Webb came out of retirement to do the job.

“I can’t imagine that she will want to be travelling around the world at her age. If she does, she will need an assistant,” a source, who was not named, told the Daily Mail. The source added: “It took a lot of persuading to get Jessie to take the job in the first place, but she loves William and wanted to help out.”

William and Kate are going to be in Australia and New Zealand for less than a month’s time.

“They need round-the-clock help for George if he joins them,” another source was quoted as saying. “Kate might also want to think about taking a dresser or a lady’s maid. It sounds grand, but it’s actually very practical.”

There were also rumors that Carole Middleton would join the Australia tour, but those were shot down by the royal palace.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Middleton celebrated her 32nd birthday this week with a low-key dinner with Prince William, Prince George, and her family.

Their housekeeper chose to cook for the night instead of dining out.

“”[It’s] easier than going out and leaving George at home. She doesn’t like a big fuss,” a source was quoted as saying.