Kate Middleton Pregnant? Rumors of Duchess of Cambridge Going to Have Twins Likely a Hoax

Rumors saying Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant are probably a just hoax.

“Star” magazine claimed that Middleton was going to have two children.The U.K. monarchy has not issued a statement confirming that she’s pregnant, meaning the whole thing is probably a hoax.

Star claimed that Middleton has already gathered up Prince George’s clothes to use for her new babies.

To fuel the rumors even more, an unnamed source spoke with OK Magazine, saying “Kate has always wanted a daughter, and she’s talked about it so much that William did too. Kate’s upbringing with Pippa [Middleton] was idyllic and she always wanted to have girls of her own to carry on the legacy of strong, happy women. Plus, she thinks George having sisters will be tremendously good for his character.”

Also, recent photos of Middleton show that she’s clearly not pregnant.

And two weeks ago, she was spotted taking shots of whiskey with her husband Prince William, suggesting even more that’s she isn’t pregnant.

The rumors appear to be perpetuated by a few tabloids and gossip rags. However, one website is claiming that Middleton herself is behind the rumors.

As Celebrity Dirty Laundry notes, “Honestly, enough pregnancy rumours would probably do the trick as well, so don’t be surprised if we keep hearing about how Kate and Will are trying for another child right now, or are planning to announce another pregnancy over the summer. Baby watch is the best PR move there is, and celebrities prove that all the time.”


THE ASSOCIATED PRESS UK update: Jury mulls verdicts at UK phone hacking trial 

LONDON (AP) — The jury at Britain’s phone hacking trial has retired to consider verdicts against seven defendants charged with wrongdoing at Rupert Murdoch’s British tabloids.

The panel of eight women and three men will decide whether to convict or acquit ex-News of the World editors Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, and five others.

The trial began in October and ran for 130 days. It was spawned by revelations that the tabloid had eavesdropped on the voicemails of celebrities, politicians and others.

Judge John Saunders told jurors Wednesday they could take as long as they needed to reach verdicts.

All seven defendants deny the charges, which include phone hacking, paying officials for information and obstructing a police investigation.

The phone hacking scandal led Murdoch to shut down the 168-year-old tabloid in 2011.