Why Does Kate Middleton Dress Prince George & Princess Charlotte in the Same Style of Clothes?

April 23, 2016 Updated: October 1, 2017

Recently, a new slew of photos of young Prince George and Princess Charlotte were released by the British Royal Family.

Some noted that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, dresses her kids the same.

Charlotte wore a dress from M&H on the Queen’s birthday, while George wore knitwear by Fina Ejerique for both portraits. Charlotte wore the same brand and style for her portrait at six months old, reported MailOnline. It was used for a family Christmas card.

The clothing is deliberately chosen by the Duchess to not create a frenzy around their outfits, which are traditional and understated, experts told MailOnline.


Brand expert Holly Peacock said that Kate has likely drawn upon her own experience in the clothing choices she makes for her kids.

“The choice to dress Princess Charlotte in a very similar outfit is in my view a deliberate one,” she told the paper.


“Rather than creating a shopping frenzy around her daughters supposed ‘endorsement’ of the designer, she’s attempting to represent the normality of her family by dressing her child in a similar outfit twice.”

Charlotte’s dresses cost about $30 to $40 dollars each—both from Spanish designer M&H.


“The Duchess is very conscious of her influence in fashion,” Peacock continued. “Acutely aware of the digital world we live in, the Duchess has learned from the many, many times her outfit has been sold out online almost immediately after she has worn something.”

“Reacting to this she clearly tries to use her influence wisely; choosing UK or local designers, choosing affordable outfits and extending this to her children,” she said.

And Children’s style expert Suzanne Peters added: “It must be hard for the Duchess as she is such a style icon and I guess she doesn’t want that pressure on her kids. It’s almost opting out for them fashion-wise.

“They don’t wear the latest greatest designer kids gear from Gucci or Dior, for example – they wear under the radar, inoffensive clothes that hopefully encourage people to look at the children and their smiles, rather than what brand they are wearing.

“These children are public figures and have formal occasions to attend even at such a young age. So they need clothes that are appropriate and can work for those occasions, whilst standing the test of time. It’s not something any child other than a Royal one would ever have to contend with.”

(H/T – IJReview)