‘Kangaroo Got Them Hands’ Video: ‘Kangaroo vs Man Boxing Match’ Goes Viral

February 21, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A video published on YouTube and World Star Hip Hop titled “Kangaroo Got Them Hands: Kangaroo Vs Man Boxing Match!” has gone viral.

There’s no context offered in the video, and it’s not clear if it is a fake. However, some commenters speculated that the shadows and lighting around the kangaroo are off, meaning it might be doctored.

On World Star Hip Hop, the video had nearly 500,000 views in a day.

There’s been several YouTube videos of the same footage published over the past month. In the video, the kangaroo is shown throwing punches and kicking the man opponent, who is wearing headgear.

The video appears to have first surfaced on LiveLeak.