Kangaroo Caught Hopping Along Texas Highway

January 15, 2018 Updated: January 15, 2018

A kangaroo was captured hopping near a Texas highway.

Cindy Kaut White captured the animal on video while driving with her son.

“I knew I wasn’t drinking cause I just came from church,” 51-year-old White told the Daily Mail. “I was driving home when this kangaroo ran out in front of me, or hopped!”

The mother of two was in a truck with her 19-year-old son at the time.

The police received several calls from people who spotted the kangaroo.

“We kept going up and down the street beside we were afraid she would get back on the main highway,” added White. “They should rename that street kangaroo run!”

Authorities chased the kangaroo for over an hour before the owner was able to tranquilize it and take it back home in a net.

The kangaroo had hopped over a fence in its enclosure. The owner is a local and didn’t realize that his animal escaped, the Daily Mail reported.

This isn’t the first time a kangaroo escaped a home in Texas. In 2013, deputies in Midland County cornered a kangaroo hopping along the highway before its owner teased it out with a snack and then grabbed it. Authorities were surprised to find the exotic pet.

“They was questioning the call — you know, ‘A kangaroo? In Midland, Texas? There ain’t no kangaroos out here. Surely it’s got to be something different,'” Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter told NBC 5. “And they thought the dispatch was crazy, so they went out there and, sure enough, they found him.”

According to Kangaroo Creek Farm, kangaroos need fences to be at least six feet high. The farm also suggests that a kangaroo’s first instinct will usually be to squeeze under or through a poorly secured fence.

An escaped kangaroo was also caught in New York City. The New York Post reported that two mechanics saw a kangaroo in the parking lot when they arrived for work, in 2015. The kangaroo escaped from the property of Giovanni Schirripa, a man known locally for keeping exotic pets.

Owning kangaroos and other wild animals as pets is illegal in New York City, according to Born Free USA. Schirripa claimed the kangaroo is legally owned by his brother in a different part of New York. When a zebra and a pony escaped from his property in 2012, he claimed he had a permit for a petting zoo, but none was found by authorities, the Post reported.

In the United States, laws governing the ownership of exotic and wild animals vary by location, according to Born Free. In some places, certain wild or exotic animals can be owned with a permit or license.

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