Kaley Cuoco: New Pictures Appear in Potential Second Wave of Hacked Photos as Twitter Account Makes Claims

September 4, 2014 Updated: September 22, 2014

Several new pictures of Kaley Cuoco have appeared online early Thursday in a potential start to a second wave in the massive naked pictures scandal.

The first wave began appearing online on Sunday but the photos slowed down after a day or so and few new ones emerged on Wednesday.

Now Reddit and 4Chan users are saying that the two new pictures of Cuoco–one of which is the Big Bang Theory topless–could be the start of a second wave.

“It’s happening again,” said one Reddit user, referring to the potential that the Cuoco pictures signaled that more images of celebrities are on the way.

“This is unbelievable progress,” added another.

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Users on both websites have been keeping track of alleged hints to new postings, which have included screenshots of dozens of pictures in thumbnail form in galleries. One of the screenshot includes at least two thumbnails which appear to have additional Cuoco pictures.

And a Twitter account that has sprung up claims that it is “gathering” pictures and took credit for posting the Cuoco pictures.

“I hear /b/ is nice this time of night,” the account @FappeningReport said, referring to a specific forum on 4Chan.

It later added that it can confirm possession of graphic Avril Lavigne pictures as well as at least one more picture of Cuoco.

“For those emailing us trying to purchase pics or videos. Please stop dat. We are not selling anything. Free the information,” it said.

“Whole set at 10k [followers]. We need more of a voice. I feel we aren’t being heard enough. Or maybe avril at 10? I can confirm Kaley has topless+thong,” it later added. “We appreciate all the new unique content submitted today. If you have any unique content email us and we will ensure you get a lot in return.”

Someone soon posted on 4Chan that “the fappening part two is upon us,” claiming to be also behind the Twitter account. The posting reiterated that when the Twitter account gets 10,000 followers they’ll then release the next set of images.

Users were not happy, with some responding that they don’t believe the account.

“Best way to be heard? Release the pictures,” said one.

“It’d be a lot better if you could communicate a bit more, like say who you’ve got and show censored preview pics of new ppl,” sad another. “Why not leak a pic to show you are series? Too many people have kinda ruined it,” said yet another.

And early Wednesday, about 8 a.m. EDT, it looks like the account has over 11,000 followers but hasn’t dumped anything.

“Time for everyone to unfollow this joker,” said on Reddit user.


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