Justin Bieber Net Worth, Latest News: ‘Babysitter’ Hired to Keep Him Out of Trouble

Justin Bieber has hired a firm to keep an eye on him to keep him out of trouble, according to a new report.

The young singer recently moved to a new home and is trying to lay low amid several legal cases against him.

A neighbor in Bieber’s new Hollywood Hills neighborhood revealed the details.

“He hired a firm from New York who’s going to watch him. They stay with him and keep an eye on him,” Bob Gade told Radar Online.

“They’re like mentors or watchdogs to see that he complies with the rules.”

Gade said that Bieber, who has an estimated net worth of $200 million, has told local authorities that he plans to keep things at his new home low-key.

“The Hollywood Police Department indicated he’s on a one-month lease and he’s going to be working out,” Gade said.

“It has a full gym. It used to be rented by a trainer to the stars — it’s completely furnished. The police were told by the landlord that’s he’s there to just slow down a little bit and stay out of trouble.”

Bieber has been a good neighbor so far, Gade said.

“He’s been very quiet. He doesn’t have a slew of Escalades. He was driving his Lamborghini and I thought he’d be speeding by, but he actually came to a complete stop. We were expecting his bodyguards and people to come running down, too,” he said.

“I’s exactly the opposite of what people thought. It’s very, very quiet. We haven’t seen him with a big entourage, tons of bodyguards or anything. He’s been by himself a lot.”

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