‘Justin Bieber Killed a 7-Year-Old Boy’ DUI Video is Facebook Spam That You Shouldn’t Share

February 10, 2014 Updated: February 10, 2014

A rogue Facebook app claims that Justin Bieber killed a 7-year-old boy while he was walking to school with his sister in a DUI crash.

“Breaking News: Justin Bieber Did it Again!! This time it’s OVER…DUI,” the post says. “Justine Bieber [sic] did it again! this time his CAREER is over.. He accidentaly [sic] killed a 7-Year-Old Boy that was walking to school with 12-Year-Old Sister..Police Investigate that bieber is positive in DUI.”

It claims to have a video, as there’s a photo with a car and a YouTube-style play button over it, but that’s not real.

The app is an attempt to promote a “trending video” website and it could contain malware.

When one clicks on the post, the user is asked to share the video, which is why it’s gained popularity so quickly on Facebook. “World Trending v.1.31 will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list and email address,” it reads.

The site hosts a number of “trending videos” and when one clicks on it, another window asks to share it.

Some of the messages say that Bieber was arrested on drug charges or a DUI after killing the boy.

“There are several Bieber related scam messages currently being distributed, all of which lead to the same rogue app and the same dodgy video website. Some versions simply claim that Justin Bieber has again been charged with DUI. Others claim that he has been arrested on drug charges,” says Hoax-Slayer.

“If one of these scam messages comes your way, do not click any links that it contains. If you have already installed the rogue app, you will need to uninstall it. You can remove the app by going to your Facebook account settings, finding the ‘App’ section and clicking the ‘X’ beside the app’s name,” the website says.

Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence in January in Miami, but there were no injuries associated with the incident.

Last week, it was reported that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the private jet that Bieber took to the Super Bowl last week.

They are looking into whether Bieber and others on the plane interfered with the flight crew.

Sources told CNN that Bieber and his father were “extremely abusive verbally” to a flight attendant. The two also refused to not smoke marijuana when asked on board the plane.

“No person may assault, threaten, intimidate, or interfere with a crew member in the performance of the crew member’s duties aboard an aircraft,” FAA regulations stipulate.