Jurassic World: Vincent D’Onofrio Says ‘Endless Amount of Iconic Scenes’ in Jurassic Park 4; No Trailer News

Actor Vincent D’Onofrio says that there’s an “endless amount of iconic scenes” in the upcoming Jurassic Park 4, also known as Jurassic World.

D’Onofrio reportedly plays one of the main villains in the movie, which has finished filming and will be released on June 12, 2015.

“Some of the scenes in that, just the scenes that I shot — I’m not in nearly as much as Chris is or Bryce, they’re the leads in the movie — but just if I’m gonna talk about the stuff that I did, the scenes are so cool. There’s real dialogue scenes in the movie and there’s real, like, acting scenes in the movie, but at the same time the environment is full of dinosaurs. I mean, it’s just amazing,” D’Onofrio told Screen Crush.

D’Onofrio said that he’s read what’s been published about the plot, including comments by Colin Trevorrow, and said that no one “really has it” pinned down as of yet.

“You have no idea what’s in store. There really are a couple of, I would say more than five or six scenes in that, that are just totally iconic, like amazing,” he said.

He later said that “there’s an endless amount of iconic scenes in the movie that come one after another that are going to be so spectacular.

“You know, I think everyone is going to just love it. If they’re anything, like, if the public is anything as enthusiastic as my daughter and my 14-year-old son, I think it’s gonna be a huge movie then,” he added.

D’Onofrio couldn’t discuss specific plot points but did say that “the storyline is gonna be so different” than the first Jurassic Park movies.

Meanwhile, no trailer news has come yet following the no-show at the recent Comic-Con. With filming wrapped, a trailer should hit the Internet soon.

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