July 4th: Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Kroger, Whole Foods, Publix, Home Depot, Open, Closed? Hours for July 4 Independence Day Holiday?

The Fourth of July holiday is on Friday, and a number of people want to know the hours for chain stores.


Walmart will be open, Target will be open, and Costco is closed, but number of other stores will remain open on the Fourth, sometimes generally with shorter hours. Some stores have sales on the day.

Walmart will remain open, and some Walmart Super Walmart stores will be open 24 hours on the holiday. Check hours before going. 

Target: Target will be open. Check hours.

Costco: Costco won’t be open.

Best Buy: Best Buy is open. Check hours online.

Malls: Some malls will be open. Call ahead for hours.

Libraries will be closed.

All state and federal offices will be closed.

Publix is open. 

Save Mart: Likely open. Check local hours.

Kroger: Open. Check hours.

Safeway: Safeway is open on July 4. Check hours online.

Staples: Likely not open in most locations. Check hours online.

Trader Joe’s: Trader Joe’s is open. Check hours online.

Whole Foods: Whole Foods is open. Check hours.

Albertson’s is open. Some hours might vary, with some stores closing at 4 p.m. Check hours.

Home Depot is open July 4.

The vast majority of gas stations also tend to be open on July 4.

CVS is open. Check hours. 

Rite Aid is open as well. Check hours. 

Walgreens is also open. Check hours. 

Duane Reade is open as well. Check hours. 

Good Neighbor Pharmacy is also likely open. Check hours.

Banks mostly won’t be open because it’s a Sunday and a federal holiday. Mobile banking, ATMs, and online banking are available.

Wells Fargo won’t be open.

Citibank won’t be open.

Bank of America won’t be open.

Chase also won’t be open.

TD Bank won’t be open.

Other regional banks likely aren’t open.

The majority of banks, credit unions, and post offices won’t be open.