Julie Chu Married? Does Chu Have Husband or Boyfriend?

February 21, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Julie Chu, an American hockey player, was just announced as the flag bearer during the Olympic Closing Ceremony on Sunday. Now more people than ever are wondering whether Chu, 33, has a husband or boyfriend.

It doesn’t appear that she has either. Her social media accounts are devoid of any mention of romantic relationships and news stories about Chu don’t include any information about a significant other.

According to one of her official bios, Chu used to share a townhouse in Blaine, Minnesota with teammates Kerry Weiland and Karen Thatcher, but moved to Fairfield, Connecticut sometime after the Vancouver Olympics. 

Chu’s fourth Olympic appearance this year yielded a silver medal, her fourth medal (three silver and one bronze). 

She earned a psychology degree from Harvard University and plans to start a teaching career after she’s done playing hockey.

Chu enjoys reading, cooking, and playing gold–and her favorite band is Matchbox 20.

Chu said in a statement that she is “completely humbled and kind of in shock” to be chosen to carry the flag.

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