Josh Murray Bachelorette Winner: Murray and Andi Dorfman Reportedly Engaged, But is He Cheating?

Josh Murray, the reported winner of the 2014 Bachelorette (season 10), is allegedly cheating on Andi Dorfman.

Murray and Dorfman are said to be engaged after the show, which finished taping last month.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry, a gossip website that isn’t exactly reliable, claims that Murray is cheating on Dorfman with his ex-girlfriend Brittany McCord.

“Although details are hard to come by regarding Josh and Brittany’s relationship, she did post a photo of herself with him on Twitter claiming that it didn’t work out between them, but she wishes him well on The Bachelorette. A month later she posted a photo of herself with Josh’s younger brother Aaron Murray, and claimed things didn’t work out between them either, but she wished him well in the draft,” it said.

“Now, obviously Josh Murray can’t set the record straight on what is going on between himself and Andi or Brittany, because technically we aren’t supposed to know that he is the winner of The Bachelorette. But, if Andi is as ‘real’ as she claims to be on the show, then we are sure there are some pretty heated conversations going on between the couple behind closed doors.”

The report didn’t provide actual evidence, only speculation over a tweet from McCord that said “Even tho it didn’t work out between us, I still wish you all the best on the next season of the bachelorette.”

Reality Steve says in his most recent column that the gossip isn’t true, or at least not true enough to impact their relationship to a serious extent.

“They got in engaged in the DR on May 9 and they’re still engaged,” he told his readers.

He also curtly told a reader who questioned his prediction about the couple being engaged and Murray winning, “You’re wrong.”

Meanwhile, Murray’s first one-on-one date with Dorfman aired on Monday night during episode 5.

The pair explored the city of Marseilles in southern France, browsing through local shops and picking up the makings for a romantic picnic, before boarding a private sailboat and heading for Calanques, a chain of rocky islands off the coast of France.

Later, the pair went to the Palais Longchamp, where Andi surprises Josh with a private concert by singer Ben Fields.

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Murray, 29, grew up in Athena, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia.

He was been supported by his friends during the competition, but didn’t get along with all his competitors, it was revealed.

Reality Steve obtained a video of Nick Viall, who is reportedly the runner-up this season, trashing Murray during a flight.

“Yeah, like, Josh won’t say [expletive]. Like, he’ll do whatever she wants. He’s not that … he didn’t open up, he just kinda…he just eats, sleeps, and [expletive] and like, has a bad temper, and…you know, and … I mean, he’s really competitive yeah…he’s super emotional, he’s really insecure…”

“Forgot what I was gonna say…oh and he’s incredibly set in his ways,” Viall said.

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