Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier Fight Video: Scuffle Starts During UFC 178 Media Day

A scuffle between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier started during UFC 178 media day on August 4.

The pre-fight started with a staredown and ended with a brawl that destroyed the stage.

Security officers tried to contain the fighters as they went at it.

The melee was captured on video.

Cormier shoved Jones backward, with Jones quickly coming back and throwing a punch at Cormier. Both fighters fell through the stage and onto the MGM Grand lobby floor.

Jones continued throwing punches at Cormier as security guards tried to hold both back. They had Cormier’s arms, so he flailed and tried to kick Jones.

After the guards broke it up, Jones went to the stage and howled.

He later sent out a series of tweets:

“Come on DC where was your takedown defense?” he said. “I put you on your back in six seconds. Put some ice on that face DC, you got lots of interviews tomorrow.”

Cormier responded: “I got some td def for you. Don’t ever put ur dirty face on me again. I won’t let another man get in my face and put his forehead against mine. I will react every time. @JonnyBones next time I will slap you.”

UFC 178 is scheduled for Saturday, September 27.

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