Johnny Manziel Just Got Out of Rehab

April 11, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Johnny Manziel, the oft-criticized Cleveland Browns quarterback, is now out of rehab.

A report from ESPN said Manziel, 22, is out. He entered the facility for alcohol dependency.

An expert said that rehab will probably do him some good.

“How easy is it going to be for him to put his recovery first? Because if he doesn’t put his recovery first, and I mean over everything — over football, over everything he has going on in his life — he’ll lose it all,” ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers center Randy Grimes, who is now a rehab specialist, told USA Today.

“Whether they’re athletes or not, you always worry about sending people back into the same chaotic atmosphere that got them here,” added Grimes.

Browns coach Mike Pettine said that football isn’t important as his health.

“For his football life to get it where it needs to be, he needs to get the personal life where it needs to be,” Pettine told ESPN. “This takes precedence, so however long of time he needs, the football will be there when he gets out.”