John Cena Thanks Chicago Fans After RAW Performance

March 4, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

John Cena, the WWE superstar, addressed Chicago fans after Monday’s RAW event.

“I’ve had a lot of memorable moments in AllState Arena. Tonight added to the legacy of an already special building. Respect,” he wrote on Twitter.

There were conflicting reports that Cena might a knee injury or a groin tear.

“Body feels like an old rusty pedal bike with a broken wheel. Get the grease gun and some fix a flat..time to get it done #evenstronger,” he wrote. “Staying strong and getting lean #changetime @changetime,” he later tweeted, with a photo of avocados.

Previous reports said that Cena sustained a groin injury at the hands of the Wyatt Family on Raw last week.

The ones about his knee injury was just part of an angle used by the WWE to promote upcoming events and feuds, reported via Wrestlezone.

“Cena had his left knee taped up and sold the injury for most of the match. After the match was over, Cena cut a promo and apologized for a weak performance. He added that the injury he suffered on RAW was actually a severe groin injury. Cena closed by saying he’s definitely in a lot of pain and should be resting,” wrote WrestlingInc.

A fan said that during his WWE Live Event in North Charleston, South Carolina, Cena was “pretty bad off” during his match against Randy Orton.

The WWE also reportedly wanted to pull Cena out of several WWE shows last weekend but he refused and went ahead with the events anyway.