John Carney Apologizes For Disparaging Comments About Keira Knightley

By Chika Dunu, Epoch Times
June 2, 2016 Updated: June 2, 2016

Director John Carney has apologized for his disparaging comments regarding actress Keira Knightley.

As did his film making peers who took to Twitter to sing high praises of Knightley, the Irish director took to the social media networking site to offer his mea culpa on June 1.

“Recently, in a phone interview, the conversation turned to a discussion about a past film, ‘Begin Again’, starring Keira Knightley,” he began his Twitter note, which he captioned, “From a director who feels like a complete idiot.”

“I said a number of things about Keira which were petty, mean, and hurtful. I’m ashamed of myself that I could say such things and I’ve been trying to account for what they say about me,” he continued on.

The Oscar winning director explained that his harsh critique of the 31-year-old actress was displacement blame.

“In trying to pick holes in my own work, I ended up blaming someone else. That’s not only bad directing, that’s shoddy behaviour, that I am not in any way proud of,” he tweeted to his thousands of Twitter followers.

He said that he had apologized to Knightley privately, but also wanted to apologize to fans of the actress, giving his word to never repeat those actions again.

“And anyone else who I have offended. It’s not something that I could ever justify, and will never repeat.”

In a May interview with Britain’s Independent, Carney referred to Knightley as an actress who isn’t ready for self-analysis and honesty.

“I don’t want to rubbish Keira, but you know it’s hard being a film actor and it requires a certain level of honesty and self-analysis that I don’t think she’s ready for yet and I certainly don’t think she was ready for on that film,” he said.

His words led to other film makers leaping to the defense of the English actress, including director Lynn Shelton who tweeted, “Working with #KeiraKnightley was magnificent, top to bottom. She is the real deal. #Knightleylove.”