Joey Essex Arrested on Murder Charges? That’s a Hoax

Joey Essex, the UK TV personality, was not arrested on murder charges but a fake Facebook post masquerading as a BBC article is saying otherwise.

The hoax was published on the Sunday Times Daily website, which allows users to generate fake news stories.

The entire post reads: “Towie star joey essex had been arrested on suspition of murdering a 21 year old female in Brentwood, in Essex. Joey claims to be innocent but there seems to be significant evidence to support the suspision. Joey will appear in her magesty’s court in two days time for trial (sic).”

When one clicks on the post, they’re taken to the Sunday Times Daily website.

“Create your own fake news and trick your friends by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network,” the site says.

It also adds: “Celebrities, show business and sports news seem to be the hottest topics. You need to be creative for your joke to seem real. This way you will be able to trick your friends!”

When uses click on the Facebook post, it has a message which reads: “Don’t worry, you are not the only one. [More than 1 million] people already fell for this. If you liked the joke, you can share it and trick your friends. Also you can create a joke of your own clicking the button below!”