Joe Budden: Twitter Response to Beating up Girlfriend Allegations; Also Instagram

Joe Budden, the “Love & Hip Hop” star, allegedly beat up his girlfriend in New York City, according to a report.

TMZ reported that Budden “allegedly brutally beat his girlfriend the way Chris Brown brutalized Rihanna,” and he slammed her head into a car dashboard.

The site said Budden saw pictures of his girlfriend, who was not named, with men and took issue with it.

He saw her at a New York City restaurant and dragged her our and then choked her before slamming her head into the dashboard.

TMZ cited sources close to the matter for its information. Police are currently investigating the matter.

 Gossip website Media Take Out also reported on the incident. 

Budden has tweeted about the incident and made references to it on Thursday.

“I wonder what the check looks like when ppl feed MediaTakeOut these stories,” he wrote.

He also said, “Messy break ups are so.. Well……. Messy.”

He retweeted another comment: “RT @Draristotle: That story didn’t even sound believable lol @JoeBudden.”