Jodi Arias Trial: Arias Hires Private Eye to Try to Prove Innocence Ahead of Sentencing Phase

Jodi Arias has hired a private investigator to try to prove her innocence in her trial.

Arias was convicted of murdering her former boyfriend Travis Alexander in a trial last year.

She recently fired her attorneys and will represent herself in the upcoming penalty phase of the trial, which is being redone because the first jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision on the sentence.

The new sentencing phase is set to start in September.

Now the National Enquirer reports that following the judge’s ruling that Arias can represent herself, she has been ordering the private eye to get statements from people that she believes will corroborate her claim that Alexander abused her.

Arias alleges she was suffering from battered women’s syndrome because of the abuse.

Sources told the tabloid that Arias is going to pay the investigator with money she earns by selling artwork online, in addition to donations she receives.

While Arias will represent herself, judge Sherry Stephens did rule that Kirk Nurmi, Arias’ longtime attorney, should stay on as Arias’ advisory legal counsel.

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