Jodi Arias: Official Twitter Account Claims Sheriff’s Office is Stealing Jodi’s Magazines

Jodi Arias’ magazines are being taken by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, according to Jodi’s official Twitter account.

Arias stopped using the account herself earlier this year but friends and family members continue tweeting news about her.

Most of the updates have been about drawings that Arias is selling online, but several are about other issues.

For instance, earlier in July the account wished Arias a happy birthday.

The account said in late June that people should not use the mail room at Jodi’s website because Arias was not receiving her messages.

It has followed up on July 24 by accusing the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office mail room of “stealing Jodi’s magazines.”

It didn’t specify which magazines are being taken.

Twitter users responded to the tweet, some wondering which magazines she’s ordering while other said negative things such as “How’s she ever going to sneak out manipulative messages now?”

Arias was convicted last year of murdering her former boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2007, but the sentencing phase ended with the jury deadlocked.

A new sentencing phase is set to start in September, with the selection of a new jury.



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