Ser Denys Mallister Actor Dies: JJ Murphy, Slated to Play Night’s Watch Character, Dead 86; Reports Say

JJ Murphy, a Northern Irish actor, died four days after filming the first scenes in Game of Thrones. He was to play Ser Denys Mallister in the upcoming season.

Murphy, who was 86, also was slated to appear in the upcoming Dracula film.

Murphy was cast last month as Denys Mallister. The Belfast Telegraph reported that he was to shoot more scenes.

“Eighty-six-year-old Murphy had been an unannounced new addition to the cast in the role of Ser Denys Mallister, one of the oldest members of the Night’s Watch, and commander of the Shadow Tower. He had shared his excitement to be working on the popular series with friends, and was due to shoot more scenes shortly. It is not known whether the role will be re-cast or if the scenes he was due to film will be re-written,” says Game of Thrones website

Philip Young, his agent, told the site: “I have never encountered a man with more spirit, passion and love for his craft.”

Young told The Guardian that Murphy was “absolutely delighted” to be included in a cast “n one of the biggest productions in the world at this stage in his career.”

He started working in Northern Ireland theaters since the late 1940s.

Game of Thrones showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff issued a statement on his death.

“We will not be recasting J.J. Murphy. He was a lovely man, and the best Denys Mallister we could have hoped for. And now his watch is ended,” they told