Jinggoy Estrada: Vhong Navarro Did Not Attempt to Rape Student

January 27, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Jinggoy Estrada, a Filipino senator who was formerly an actor, said that he visited Vhong Navarro in the hospital and added that he does not believe Navarro tried to rape a student.

“There was no attempted rape. Nothing happened,” Estrada told reporters, according to Rappler.

Navarro is accused of trying to rape a 22-year-old student and model who was rescued by her friends, according to her and her friends.

But Navarro asserts that he was set-up in a blackmail attempt, and is in the hospital after getting beaten up during the attempt.

Estrada declared that Navarro “has to achieve justice,” and that he is “a good man.”

“I believe he’s innocent,” said Estrada. “He’s a good man. He does not do drugs. He does not even smoke.”

Estrada said that he plans to get in touch with the National Bureau of Investigation and see how their probe is going.


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