Jimmy Kimmel Hosts ‘Lost’ Q and A Following Finale

May 24, 2010 Updated: October 1, 2015

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted an audience Q&A with the cast of the hit show 'Lost.' (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted an audience Q&A with the cast of the hit show 'Lost.' (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
A recent airing of the Jimmy Kimmel show featured a Q and A with the cast of "Lost," following the airing of its long awaited season finale Sunday. Viewers across the nation got a special treat as cast members discussed their view points on what the ending of the show meant to them, providing an insightful "Lost" finale explanation.  

The majority of the audience members on the Jimmy Kimmel show were dressed in tropical print shirts to embody the theme of "Lost," which was set on a tropical island in Hawaii. Audience members asked the entire "Lost" cast direct questions, with Kimmel directing the affair in a lackadaisical and seemingly unrehersed performance.

It didn’t seem like much screening was done for the questioning, as the first audience member asked if the cast quit bathing to fit their roles on the show, upsetting Kimmel.

A dedicated "Lost" fan, Kimmel gave himself the chance to explain his cut on the show: "My theory is the whole show, beginning to end, was Jack's test."

Matthew Fox, who plays the key character Dr. Jack Shephard on "Lost," replied: "I'd agree with that, yeah," adding that the ending was open to interpretation.

“Which death in the show shocked you guys the most?” asked one fan, Martha Aguilar. Two of the cast members whose characters died in the finale answered the question with, “our own.”

The set for the Jimmy Kimmel "Lost" Q and A was also covered with sand and featured wooden blocks in an effort to recreate the atmosphere of the show, depicted in the South Pacific.

Another question asked was “What prop would you want to steal from the set ?” which prompted Terry O’Quinn, who played Locke, to brandish a prop knife used in the show. Locke was killed in the season finale after a clifftop brawl that ended with him falling to his death. O’Quinn also mentioned that he enjoyed his time filming in Hawaii so much that he planned on living there, regardless of the show finishing.

In addition to O'Quinn and Fox, many of the major cast members were present, including Emilie de Ravin, Naveen Andrews, Daniel Dae Kim and Michael Emerson, along with a couple of supporting actors. Josh Holloway, notably, was not in attendance.