Jim Carrey Slammed for Drawing ‘Disgraceful’ Portrait of White House Press Secretary

March 19, 2018 Updated: March 19, 2018

Actor Jim Carrey was slammed over the weekend after sharing a garish portrait of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

“This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!” Carrey wrote in his tweet, shared on Saturday.

Though Carrey didn’t mention Sanders by name (a spokeswoman confirmed the painting was Carrey’s, but wouldn’t confirm it was of Sanders), many social media users recognized her from the picture.

And a lot of users found the portrait in poor taste.

“This is one more reason that I’m done with Hollywood. It’s ok to be mean and hurtful as long as it’s to someone you disagree with, right? Btw, this is a classic example of bullying. But again, it’s ok as long as it’s someone you disagree with, right?” said one user.

“Sarah is a beautiful person who has a real life! Real children who love her, real friends and family who respect her, and real values, and a God who loves her!” said another user.

Another user shared a portrait of Jim Carrey.

“This is the portrait of a so-called comedian, Jim Carrey. He used to be funny,” the user said.

Carrey has acted in dozens of movies but has been focusing more on his art lately.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not covered in paint or something from doing sculptures,” Carrey said in an interview with W magazine.

“It’s all about that for me now—being completely involved, heart, mind, and soul. Sometimes it’s art, sometimes it’s performance, and sometimes it’s just talking to someone.”

Carry admitted he does a lot of “political cartoons,” and said it came because he felt a “loss of control” after President Donald Trump was elected.

“It’s not a battle I want to fight, but you’ve got to play a part,” he said. “Every day at some point there’s pretty much a peaceful acceptance of what’s going on in my life right now, but I do also tune in to the Republican—what could I call on it?—war on logic, intelligence, and compassion at least once a day.”

Sanders, meanwhile, said in an interview last year that she felt attacks on Christians had become okay while attacks on other faiths were immediately criticized.

“If someone says something about another faith, particularly liberals come to their defense in a raging motion, but if someone attacks a Christian, it’s perfectly fine,” she told the Washington Post.

“At some point we became a culture that said that was okay.”

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