Jilted Husband Sues Bride

Two weddings called off; two lawsuits
By Ryan Jeffries, Epoch Times
April 23, 2013 9:59 am Last Updated: April 23, 2013 12:13 pm

Jilted husband sues bride: In separate cases, two women have incurred the anger from men who they were going to marry but who broke off the engagements.

In one case, Steven Silverstein says Kendra Platt-Lee left him with the down payment on their canceled Sept. 22 wedding in Long Beach, Long Island.

Silverstein, in a lawsuit filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, also wants Platt-Lee to pay for half of the rent on the Manhattan apartment they shared for 15 months.

The wedding deposit and rent were gifts in “contemplation of their impending marriage,” he claims in the suit.

Platt-Lee originally broke off the relationship in Feb. 2010, after she had moved from California to live with him. They started going out again about 15 months later.

Silverstein in the lawsuit alleges that she withdrew more than $54,000 from their joint bank account, even though only $35 was hers. She did come back into New York to return a $32,000 engagement ring, but that is only a start, says Silverstein. He wants the remaining money that she took from the bank account that wasn’t hers, along with $28,000 in rent and half of the $27,000 in nonrefundable deposits for the wedding.

In another case in New York, Kevin Li of Brooklyn alleges in a lawsuit that his pregnant fiancee left two days after their wedding and refuses to return a $24,000 diamond engagement ring, according to the New York Post.

She also has other jewelry, including a gold ring, that relatives gave the couple at the wedding. 

Li says that Amy Chan didn’t want to have a legal wedding because the combined income could make her ineligible for an apartment she was on the waiting list for. But after the informal wedding reception at a Chinatown restaurant, the couple gave all the gifts to Chan’s mother. Li said he hasn’t seen any of them again, and Chan left two days later and cut off communication with him. Chan told the Post that the opposite is true, that he is holding onto gifts and he cut off communication with her.