Jilted Girlfriend Smashes 12 Luxury Cars, Forgets Which is Boyfriend’s

April 10, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A woman was detained after allegedly smashing up 12 luxury cars in China. She had intended on damaging only her boyfriend’s car as punishment for not returning her calls, but forgot which vehicle was his, according to several mainland Chinese media reports.

The woman, last name Li, allegedly damaged the bodies and windows of several luxury cars parked a garage in the early morning of March 28 in southwest China’s Chongqing City. According to reports, the list included cars made by Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, BWM, and Audi.

Luxury Lost

Li told the police that she suspected her boyfriend was intentionally ignoring her after she lent him 100,000 yuan ($15,000). The boyfriend then disappeared, and stopped contacting and responding to Li, local police said in a statement on their official Weibo account. Weibo is the Chinese version of Twitter.

Li suspected that her boyfriend was ignoring her because he didn’t want to return the money, so she contacted his close friends, and warned them that if her boyfriend kept ignoring her, she would smash his expensive car.

However, Li told police that she only knew that her boyfriend had an expensive car, but she didn’t know which one. She couldn’t remember the license plate, or even the brand.

In a fit of anger, she attacked and damaged a car that she believed was her boyfriend’s car, the statement said. She repeated the process on 11 other luxury cars, according to multiple online Chinese media outlets.

Video footage was caught allegedly showing Li in the garage where the cars were parked. She was walking with a long object in her right hand, and a phone in her left hand.

She can be seen striking the back of a black car in the video. After the owners discovered what had happened to their cars, Li was detained by the police.

Since many of the cars are both imported and expensive, there are no places in Chongqing to repair them, a police official told the Qing Feng Xia news, an online media outlet in China. The cars will have to be exported to receive repairs. The police said the financial penalties can’t be calculated at this time.

The boyfriend has still not contacted Li, and the police have not been able to find him, the police official said.