Jiang Zemin’s Associates and Family Hit With Corruption Charges

October 30, 2014 Updated: October 30, 2014

On the same day three corruption investigations into the family and associates of former Chinese regime paramount leader Jiang Zemin were announced. These investigations continue a focus by the anti-corruption campaign on Jiang that began this summer.

Auto Company

On Oct. 29, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Chinese Communist Party’s anti-corruption watchdog announced on its website the visit of its 13th inspection group headed by Zhu Baochen to FAW Auto, an automobile group located in Jilin Province. 

“The anti-corruption task must be carried out widely and deeply while the monitoring of auto sales and resource allocation is increased,” said the announcement. 

“Contracts from the past two years have been reviewed and over 150 people have been spoken to, and many people have been taken away for investigation,” reported First Financial Daily on Oct. 30 about the on-going FAW investigation. 

“Many high-level managers and executives have been taken away for investigation.” 

Before climbing up the political hierarchy, Jiang worked at FAW Auto Group, also known as No. 1 Auto Manufacturing Works, in 1954. 

On Sept. 17, Zhang Pijie, general manager of FAW Auto was given an unspecified penalty and the Party secretary of the auto group was removed from his post, reported the Chinese news website Time Dongguan.

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Electricity Company

On Oct. 29, Shanghai Discipline Inspection and Supervision announced on its website that Feng Jun, the general manager of the State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company, is under investigation for serious violations of discipline and law. 

Before working at the Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company beginning in December 2011, Feng worked as vice chairman at the Nanjing Power Supply Company in Jiangsu Province and chairman at the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company. 

Shanghai was the launching pad for Jiang’s national political ambitions and has formed the base of his power.

Coal Mines

Ni Fake, former deputy governor of Anhui Province, has been indicted on charges of bribery and of his huge personal assets having an unknown source, reported state-run Xinhua Net on Oct. 29.

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