Jessica Soho of GMA News Slammed for Comments on Vhong, Deniece CCTV Footage

January 29, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Jessica Soho of GMA News has been slammed by supporters of Vhong Navarro following her comments on the CCTV footage from the condominium that Deniece Cornejo lives in.

The footage is being used by Navarro and his attorneys to support his case that he was blackmailed and beat up, as opposed to the claims of attempted rape by Cornejo and businessman Cedric Lee.

Soho gave her own commentary during a segment about the footage on Wednesday, saying that “this is a case of he said-she said.”

She said that the footage–despite it being seen as strongly supporting Navarro’s story–didn’t really show much.

“I don’t know if this video will amount to much,” she said.

The comments sparked anger from supporters of Navarro, reported the Philippine Sun-Star.

“Please do your job properly be a reporter not a critic,” said one person via Twitter.

“Seriously?!?! @KM_Jessica_Soho of course the CCTV is important! Stop being an airhead!. Geez!” said another Twitter user.

“For a very smart person, I cant believe you will say something like that,” said another.

“Super dissapointed ako! I’ve been a huge fan of gmanewsteam, but not anymore,” said another.

However, other users defended Soho.

“I dont see where Jessica Soho is biased when she gave the report. Use your brain before you bash anyone online,” said one Twitter user.


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