Jessica Kuan Gets Married–With Google Glass On, and Recording Everything (+Video)

December 29, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Jessica Kuan’s wedding was most unique in that she was wearing a pair of Google Glass while she walked down the aisle.

Kuan may be the first bride to publicly get married while wearing the tech glasses, which enable the user to access the Internet and apps through them.

“My husband and I have a love for technology. We wanted to use Google Glass to capture the most intimate moment of our lives,” Kuan said in an emailed statement obtained by Mashable. “All my friends told me they were so emotional that they actually forgot walking down the aisle.”

“This was an experience I never want to forget,” she added.

The video as part of a project called “Ok Glass, I do.”

Jess Sloss, a communications consultant with Vadrico who is involved in the project, said that it aims to “showcase, and provide commentary on, the impact that the increasing prevalence of wearable technology has on our culture.”

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