Jerry Sandusky: Ex-Penn State Football Coach Returns to Court to Appeal Child Molestation Conviction

By Dave Martin, Epoch Times
May 2, 2016 Updated: May 2, 2016

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is still trying to get his child molestation convictions thrown out.

Sandusky appeared at a courthouse in Bellefonte, Pa., Monday to appeal his 2012 conviction on 45 counts of sexual abuse. He is currently serving a sentence of 30–60 years in prison.

At the hearing, Sandusky’s new attorney Al Lindsay asked Judge John Cleland to grant permission for a new hearing to further question some witnesses—including Sandusky’s former lawyers—regarding the investigation and trial, according to a report on

Although the 72-year-old Sandusky took no role in the one hour hearing, his legal team read his prepared statement: “I could write a book about what has happened; unmask accusers; demonstrate improprieties; present illegalities; show unfairness; reveal deception , dishonesty, and corruption. Instead, I’m presenting a quick summary, knowing there is much more to the story.”

“I am an innocent man serving what amounts to a life sentence,” the statement said. “People have betrayed, attacked, and vilified family, supporters, and me. To counter their story they must be presented in an adverse manner; people may be exposed in an unfavorable light. Revenge is not my motivation, presenting our side of the story is.”

Judge John Cleland did not make a decision but warned the defense that the there needs to be sufficient reason to continue with a hearing.

“The law is very clear,” Cleland said to the defense, according to The AP. “You have to give me a certification of, if I have a hearing, ‘Judge, this is who I’m going to put on the stand and this is what they’re going to say.'”