Jeremy Kyle Guest Allegedly Killed Himself After Failed Lie Detector Test on Show

May 14, 2019 Updated: May 14, 2019

A man found dead after appearing on “The Jeremy Kyle Show” is believed to have taken his own life, according to reports.

Steve Dymond, 63, died in a suspected suicide, according to the Daily Mail, citing the deceased man’s landlady.

“The Jeremy Kyle Show,” meanwhile, was taken off the air after it emerged Dymond died following a lie detector test that he took on the program, which the Daily Mail reported had left the man “humiliated and traumatized.”

The lie detector test suggested Dymond had been unfaithful to his fiancée Jane Callaghan, who later broke up with him.

According to The Sun, Dymond died of a drug overdose.

Callaghan told The Sun: “I know we split up a week ago but we were together for two years. He was still my fiancé. I still loved him.

“We got engaged Christmas Day 2017. He was crying, the love was real. He was the most generous and loving person. He was quietly struggling, and we didn’t know at the time. He cheated on me, I know he did. I can’t forgive but I just want him to be alive.”

Callaghan told The Sun Dymond had been struggling with depression.

Before his death, Dymond texted Callaghan to say he could not face life without her, according to The Sun, writing: “I can’t live without you. I just wanted to come and see you. I just wanted to say sorry before I go. My life is not worth living without you.”

The BBC reported Hampshire Police confirmed Dymond’s death on May 9 following a recording of the show.

His landlady, identified only by her first name Shelley, found his body.

“He was traumatized,” Shelley told the Daily Mail. “Steve said it got quite nasty on the show. Four days later he was dead. I really believe it was the show that tipped him over the edge.”

Shelley added, “He was just a mess and he was just humiliated.”

The Jeremy Kyle Show Suspended

Meanwhile, television channel ITV suspended The Jeremy Kyle Show indefinitely, according to a statement. The British broadcaster also stated it would not air the episode in which Dymond took part.

“Everyone at ITV and ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ is shocked and saddened at the news of the death of a participant in the show a week after the recording of the episode they featured in and our thoughts are with their family and friends,” a spokesperson said in the statement.

Jeremy Kyle in London England
Jeremy Kyle attends the TV Choice Awards 2015 at Hilton Park Lane in London on Sept. 7, 2015. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

“ITV will not screen the episode in which they featured,” the spokesperson added.

“Given the seriousness of this event, ITV has also decided to suspend both filming and broadcasting of ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ with immediate effect in order to give it time to conduct a review of this episode of the show,” the spokesperson said.

The show has aired on ITV since 2005 and is known for its heated discussions between guests who often insult each other about personal and family conflicts in front of studio audiences.

“What this show does is to give you perspective on your own life,” Kyle said, according to “The Jeremy Kyle Show” official site. “I often tell myself that I must never complain again about not getting enough kip, or something minor going wrong. Many of the people I meet face terror and tragedy in their lives—and they keep going. I really admire them.”

In 2007, a judge condemned “The Jeremy Kyle Show” as a “human form of bear baiting” following a guest on the show being convicted of assault. It was the first instance of a person being convicted of assault while on a British talk show, according to The Guardian.

“It seems to me that the whole purpose of ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ is to effect a morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people who are in some kind of turmoil,” Manchester district judge Alan Berg said, The Guardian reported.

“It is for no more and no less than titillating members of the public who have nothing better to do with their mornings than sit and watch this show which is a human form of bear baiting which goes under the guise of entertainment,” he added.

According to the BBC, “The Jeremy Kyle Show” is “the most popular show on ITV’s daytime schedule, with an average of one million viewers and a 22 percent audience share.”

NTD reporter Tiffany Meier contributed to this report.

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