Jeremiah Mieses Could be Paralyzed in NYC Biker Attack; Funding Campaign Started

October 1, 2013 Updated: October 1, 2013

Jeremiah Mieses, who goes by the name “Jay Meezee” and who is one of the bikers linked to Sunday’s attack on an SUV in Manhattan, might be paralyzed for life. He is currently reportedly in a coma, while friends of him started a GoFundMe page to support him.

The New York Post reported that Mieses, who is also reportedly called Edwin Mieses Jr., was hit when the SUV driver sped off in an attempt to escape dozens of bikers, which was caught on video.

Mieses also apparently goes by the rap name “Jay Meezee,” and a Facebook page was set up for him to garner support and donations.

“He was intubated and placed on a respirator last night in preparation or surgery. He couldn’t talk,” one source told the Post of his condition.

Elaborating on the incident, wife Dayana Mieses, told Fox News that “my husband stopped the bike away from the scene and walked over to the front of the truck to try to help the guy that got hit.”

Reports said that the SUV driver, Alexian Lien, hit a biker’s tire when the biker stopped while driving in front of him on Manhattan’s West Side Highway. He was with his wife and child, according to police, reported the NY Daily News.

The approximately 30 bikers then surrounded the car and made menacing gestures and apparently, one of them attempted to slash the SUV’s tires before Lien bolted.

“I don’t know if [the SUV driver] was scared from whatever the other bikers were doing, but he ran him over,” Dayana Mieses said.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Mieses’s legs were broken, his spine was broken, and his ribs were broken. He is also paralyzed below the waist and in a coma.

“My son just got out of surgery. Now we have to contend with his situation that he will never walk again,” Meises’s father, Rev. Edwin Mieses, wrote on Facebook.

According to the NY Daily News, police said Lien was punched and slashed in the face in a second attack in the Washington Heights neighborhood by the mob of bikers after they pursued him for several minutes. He was sent to the hospital after calling 911 and had to receive stitches.

Video footage shows one of the bikers approaching Lien’s SUV and smashing the driver’s side window with a helmet. The Daily News reported that Lien was dragged out from the vehicle and attacked.

After the incident, a police source told the NY Post: “The motorcyclists are being uncooperative, those that have been interviewed. … They’re full of crap. They’re saying they didn’t see anything. They’re saying, ‘I was just standing there.’ It’s a joke.”

The NYPD received more than 200 phone calls about the bikers on Sunday, reported PIX-11.

One of the bikers, 28-year-old Christopher Cruz, turned himself in and was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child.

Two other bikers were also taken to the hospital, the station reported.