Jennifer Aniston Together with 50 Cent After Justin Theroux Split? Report Slams Rumor

December 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Jennifer Aniston broke up with Justin Theroux and has gotten together with rapper 50 Cent, according to a new report.

“According to the gossip weeklies, Jennifer Anistin and Justin Theroux broke up last week . . . and yesterday . .. . 50 released a pic of him hugged up with Jennifer,” said gossip website Media Takeout.

The allegation is circulating widely online, prompting others to come forward to slam the report.

Gossip Cop is one of them, pointing out that the so-called new picture is actually from more than three months ago.

Aniston and Theroux are likely still together because the only stories about them breaking up are in the fringe gossip magazines.

The engaged couple have been the subject of numerous rumors over the years, with Aniston being the most famous of all of the Friends actors.

Another big piece of evidence in dispute with the gossip report is that Aniston is wearing her engagement ring in the photo.

“The photo 50 Cent posted and MediaTakeOut claims is proof he’s having sex with Aniston? It’s not even new. The music star posed with Aniston backstage at Handler’s ‘Chelsea Lately’ finale back in August, more than three months ago. He only shared it this week to congratulate Aniston on her Golden Globes nomination, as his caption makes perfectly clear,” noted the website.

“For heaven’s sake, you can even glimpse Aniston’s engagement ring from Theroux in the snapshot.”

Viewers also called the story fake. 

“According to mto, the most visited urban website of the world, when a man take a pic with a female they are automically dating, smashing or having a baby,” siad one.

“They broke up when, i still see a ring on that finger, her face looked shocked like she couldn’t believe who she ran into, just taking a pic as usual mto,” said another.

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