Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie: Tabloid Says Jen Told Brad Pitt Wife She Forgives Her

December 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Jennifer Aniston called Angelina Jolie and told her that she forgives her, according to a new report.

Aniston was married to Brad Pitt before he infamously got together with Jolie around the time that he and Aniston got divorced.

Jen got Angelina’s number from a friend and called her up recently, reported OK magazine. 

“Jen knew if she wanted to put the past behind her, she needed to have a talk with Angie to let her know she’d forgiven her,” a source said.

“Once Jen said she was calling for closure … Angie said that she was glad to hear from her.”

Jennifer expressed her feelings in the “emotional, late-night phone call,” but also added a joke in.

“In an attempt to relieve the tension, [Jen] joked that she hopes Angie’s marriage to Brad lasts longer than hers did,” the source said.


The report comes after Aniston seemed to say in a recent interview that she forgives both Angelina, 39, and Brad, 50. 

Aniston, 45, didn’t specifically mention Pitt but insisted that she holds no grudges and is a forgiving person.

“I absolutely am. I think it’s extremely important to forgive. Otherwise it just builds up like toxic waste. There’s nothing worse than holding a grudge,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

“Listen, people can do unforgivable things, but you have to let it go and say, ‘Look, we’re all human beings. We make mistakes.’ To hold any kind of resentment is like taking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die.”

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