Jenni Rivera Death Warning? Video Indicates Death Was Planned, No Accident? Rivera’s Dad Pedro Dismisses Claim

A video on YouTube allegedly indicates that Jenni Rivera, the popular Latina singer who was killed in a plane crash, was warned of her death before it happened.

The video is allegedly from Rivera’s last concert in La Arena de Monterrey on December 8, 2012.

During the video, a man can be heard shouting among the screaming fans.

It sounds like he’s saying “Hoy la matan,” which translates to “She will be killed today,” according to Latin Times. It’s unclear if the audio was altered at all.

However, Rivera’s father Pedro Rivera has responded publicly to the claim and says that he thinks the video is fake.

“I haven’t seen it, nor I want to, because either way, it’s not going to bring my daughter back, and we don’t want to think that,” Rivera told Publicada el.

“What I can tell you is that we can’t believe much in those things. It’s so easy to add any sound,” he continued. “We will leave this in the authority’s hands, who are investigating the accident. About a year from now we will have the truth.”

Asked if Rivera had any enemies, Pedro declined comment.

Her brother Juan used to accompany her and provide security.


The audio seems to add fuel to people claiming a conspiracy in River’a death.

Investigations into the plane crash that took her life are still ongoing. Possible causes pegged by Mexico’s National Office of Civil Aeronautics include the plane not being properly aligned, and the pilot not even having the necessary permits to fly.

The pilot didn’t go through proper regulations before flying and didn’t log entries about possible faults int he aircraft, making the investigation harder.

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