Jencarlos Canela and Gaby Espino 2014: Couple Confirms Breakup, But Says Split Won’t Destroy Friendship

Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela have confirmed that they’re splitting up after rumors hit the Internet several days ago.

“To all the press and public in general: Due to all the love that we have for all of our fans around the world, we want to inform you that a while ago we mutually decided to end our sentimental relationship in the best terms and with all the respect that our family deserves,” the couple said in a joint statement.

“That is why and because of all the love that we have for each other that we ask the media and our fans, your complete support and understanding and good use of this information.”

The couple said that they are breaking up with the best intentions and will remain friends.

“We are not separating, because when family is involved that word doesn’t exist. We are simple deciding to be best friends and continue. We take this opportunity to communicate to the press that this statement will be the only time that we talk about this matter,” the couple said.

The pair got together after meeting on the set of Telemundo’s “Mas Sabe El Diablo” almost four years ago.

The couple later shared statements affirming their commitment to each other despite the split.

“I want to add that Jen is and will be along with our children, the most important person in my live. The best companion, the best father and my best friend. We are more together than ever and stronger than ever… and what’s most important, we are fine. We will have each other forever,” Espino said.

Canela added: “One of the best decisions in my life is named Gaby Espino and that has not changed. Nothing and nobody is above the love and friendship that is between us. I couldn’t ask for a better mother, friend and woman with whom to have a beautiful family with that today completes me and gives me strength. Thank you for everything, I love you.”

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