Jeff Sessions Demands ‘Pearl Harbor’ Style Investigation Into the CCP’s Role in Pandemic

May 5, 2020 Updated: May 6, 2020

In the wake of mounting evidence of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) virus coverup, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is calling for a “Pearl Harbor” type investigation into the CCP’s role in creating the worldwide pandemic.

Sessions pointed to the numerous pieces of evidence that show the CCP lied about the virus’s ability to spread. He highlighted the leaked report from the Department of Homeland Security, the report from the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, and confirmation from the State Department.

“The Chinese communist government has been lying to its own people and to the world. The Chinese response to the Wuhan Virus was not mere inaction or incompetence, but a malicious and intentional effort to cover up the outbreak and prevent the world from taking it seriously until it was too late to stop the spread,” Sessions said in a statement Monday.

“Worse yet, the Chinese communist government continues to lie about the virus today. They must be held accountable, and we must get to the bottom of exactly what they knew, when they knew it, and the actions they took that plunged the world into this pandemic.”

Sessions called for the creation of a Select Committee of Congress to investigate the origins and coverup of the CCP Virus.

“We have used similar committees in the past at pivotal moments in our nation’s history, including after the attack on Pearl Harbor, after the Watergate scandal, after the Iran-Contra Affair, and others. The seriousness of this preventable global pandemic calls for an equally serious response,” said Sessions.

Sessions made it clear that the CCP must be held accountable for the actions that caused the pandemic and that there is already sufficient evidence to show that the United States cannot continue dealing with the CCP as usual.

“That’s why we got to fight back in a host of ways, my plan is betting on America, because we can win. If we stand up and fight and take off the rose-colored glasses that we’ve been wearing when it comes to China,” he said on Fox News.

Sessions said that during his time as Attorney General, he brought hundreds of cases against the CCP for illegal activities like intellectual property theft.

“China has long sought to portray itself as a respectable member of the world. It has sought to expand its influence, select the leadership of international organizations like the WHO, and pursue its stated goal of dominating the entire world.”

“Whether China’s goal in covering up the Wuhan Virus was merely to save face, to deprive the world of critical medical supplies, or something even more nefarious, its actions and brutal censorship are unacceptable for any respectable nation. We must know exactly what they did and what they planned to do,” continued Sessions.

The former senator pointed to a University of Southampton study in the UK which found that if China had revealed the nature of the CCP virus three weeks earlier, about 95 percent of the infections could have been prevented.

“Whenever the communist government of China commits crimes or is caught in a scandal, its practice is always to deny, deflect blame, and spread conspiracies to implicate nations like the United States. It has found that, if it maintains its denial long enough, the world eventually moves on and the Chinese communist regime gets away with it,” he said.

As the United States and other countries have sought to question the CCP about the coverup of information and repression of those Chinese citizens that tried to tell the truth about the contiguousness of the virus, the CCP has pushed back and blamed those other countries for causing the pandemic.

At one point the CCP blamed the U.S. military for planting the virus in China.

“It’s time for Republicans and Democrats alike to get off their duff and stop allowing China to twist the narrative and avoid accountability,” said Sessions.

Although Democrats and Republicans have each called for further investigation into the CCP’s coverup, there has been no whole-of-congress effort.

President Donald Trump said on Monday that the United States is investigating China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and may seek hundreds of billions in damages from Beijing.

“There are a lot of ways you can hold them [China] accountable. We’re doing very serious investigations … And we are not happy with China,” Trump told a press briefing at the White House Rose Garden.

“We are done allowing China to simply deflect and deny. This time, the United States and the world cannot allow China to get away with it, not after all of the damage they have caused and lives they have destroyed,” Sessions concluded.