Jeep Left on the Beach Amidst Hurricane Dorian Tells the Story of 2 Cousins

By Venus Upadhayaya, Epoch Times
September 6, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A Jeep left on Myrtle Beach during Hurricane Dorian on Sep. 5 caught the nation’s attention, but behind the camera, there were two cousins caught in the situation.

Fox 8 live-streamed the “SUV stuck on flooding beach” on Thursday. “A Jeep is taking on water in one of the storm drains on Myrtle Beach. It’s unclear exactly how the SUV got there,” Fox8 wrote on Facebook.

The video of the Jeep stuck in the sandy beach during the storm has since been viewed over 200,000 times and has led to lengthy discussions and speculations on how it got there.

WCVB reports that curiosity took hold of a man who drove his cousin’s Jeep SUV to the beach on Thursday morning and got it stuck there.

“My cousin has been around, he rides a motorcycle so I thought I’d let him borrow my Jeep because the weather has been so bad. This morning he thought it would be cool to go on the beach and take a quick video of the sunrise before the storm came,” the Jeep’s owner who doesn’t want to be identified, told WMBF.

“So he got on the beach and started driving it. I guess there’s that runoff there and he didn’t realize it was in front of him, he was looking out the window when he went off and got stuck, which you can see he actually banged up the bumper a bit,” the owner said.

The police found the red Jeep abandoned on the shore at 38th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach.

The owner of the Jeep told WMBF that his cousin tried to seek help from people, but the Jeep was stuck in the stormy weather and it couldn’t be removed from the beach.

He said his cousin didn’t disclose to him what had happened and it was the police who informed him about the Jeep.

“He avoided me for a good hour or two because he didn’t know what to say and then police actually came to the house. And they said, ‘Hey we found your Jeep on the beach.’ Then I called him and spoke to him and he told me exactly what happened,” the Jeep’s owner said.

He said he doesn’t want the Jeep to be damaged as it is a good Jeep, but he has a feeling that it’ll not be recovered in good condition.

There’s another video going viral showing a bagpiper playing music to the red Jeep. “Farewell you poor excuse of a Jeep, May you find peace and existence as another Jeep in the future,” said a post on the That’ll Bluff Out page.

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