Jay Adams Skateboarder Quotes: Top Quotes From Skater Featured in Lords of Dogtown

Jay Adams, the legendary skateboarder, died this week. Adams was known throughout the skating world but is perhaps best known for being portrayed in the 2008 movie Lords of Dogtown.

Adams was played by Emile Hirsch.

Adams was also part of several documentaries (which led to the movie), including Dogtown and Z-Boys.

Check out his top quotes from the movies, and in general, below:

—You don’t quit skating because you get old… You get old because you quit skating

—Once pool riding came in, that was like all we wanted to do.

—Dude, you just got patty slapped.

—Stacy looks like a stock car.

—Now Give Me Kitty.



—I’ve been cooking in a restaurant the last couple of months. The money’s fair and I eat good. [to Thrasher magazine in 1982]

—[Responding to: Where have you been skating?] Wherever, around town for transportation, at a pool by my house, good banks, whatever.

—[About the pro skate scene] I was tired of being lied to and cheated. I was sick of doing my part and not having others live up to their word. (Laughing) Everyone’s exploited. I was just out to make a good time. I got no complaints. I had fun, what else is there? I guess I could have been some nice boy like they wanted and got more money…but I couldn’t and I didn’t.

—[About what caused the downturn in public acceptance of skating] They took the fun out of it by trying to make everyone skate parks and do their trip. You know who they are, the same ones they always are… Yeah. They took away the fun…sneakin in to backyard pools, downhill runs…you know, what you might call its illegal nature.

—I missed a lot of good times, doing things that I shouldn’t have been doing. There are certain mistakes I’d like to change, but I’m not going to trip on it to hard.

—[to West Side People Mag in 2013] Those were the states of youth. The 70s and 80s were a different time. With punk rock there was a lot of violence and being young, drinking alcohol and making bad choices. Now I want to encourage people not to go down the same road I went down.”


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