Jawbone’s Free UP Coffee App Is Here To Help You Get Some Sleep

For some of us, coffee isn't just an addiction, it's a lifestyle.
By Megan Logan
Megan Logan
Megan Logan
September 1, 2014 Updated: September 1, 2014

For some of us, coffee isn’t just an addiction, it’s a lifestyle.

It’s warm, it’s tasty, and it’s a legal addictive stimulant with the ability to wreak havoc on your mood and your sleeping habits. Your mom was right when she said that the key to happiness is moderation, but moderation isn’t always a cinch. If giving up your ‘3-6 cups a day’ habit cold-turkey isn’t an option (and let’s face it, it isn’t), Jawbone’s new UP Coffee app is here to help.

Over the last couple of years, Jawbone has carved a place for itself in the wearable tech community. Jawbone’s wearable device, the UP band, records sleep patterns and movement, and even incorporates features like ‘buzzing’ to remind users to get up and move around. The UP band brings together tracking data and activity insights to give users a better idea of the ups and downs of their lifestyles.

No UP band? No problem: you don’t need it to use the UP Coffee app.

The app itself is simple–you input your gender, height, weight, and target bedtime, then record your caffeine intake via the wide variety of options, from black coffee to Starbuck’s Frappuccinos and from Diet Coke to Red Bull. UP Coffee then returns a visual report of your caffeine status.

Bouncy bubbles fill up an animated flask and a small gauge fluctuates, giving you an idea of where you are on a scale of ‘Calm’ to ‘Edgy’. UP Coffee’s clever graphic display makes the days of blindly consuming cup after cup of coffee and later wondering why you’re ‘uncomfortably wired’ a thing of the past.

In fact, if you attempt to make too many entries in quick succession, you’re met with a concerned push notification that says something along the lines of ‘This dose of caffeine could make you jittery. Are you sure you want it?’ Thanks for looking out, Jawbone.

Perhaps one of the most functional elements of the app is the tool that gives you an approximate time that you’ll be ready for bed. You start to gain an appreciation for the affect caffeine has on your system. A cup of regular coffee means two hours of fuel in the tank. An Americano means it’ll be 5-7 hours before you’re ready for bed.

Everyone’s body metabolizes caffeine differently, but UP Coffee is a great place to start understanding how your body and mind are impacted by your caffeine addiction.

It’s a crazy, busy world out there, and surely you want to stay awake for it. But let the UP Coffee app help you get some rest when you need it.

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