Javad Nekounam Wife: Iran Footballer Had Child in 2013

Javad Nekounam and wife Nasrin Moghadam had a son in 2013, named Arian.

He posted a photo on Twitter of the child last year. 

Iran’s coach Carlos Queiroz on Sunday told The Associated Press he’s trying to ease pressure on his players against Nigeria on Monday.

“The economic and political situations have put a team from Iran at the complete disadvantage in relation to other teams that are here,” Queiroz told AP.

Nekounam, the Iran captain, said that the pressure has in fact eased up.

“I have no stress, I don’t feel any pressure on myself,” he said. “We need to be at peace and we need to be calm and enjoy the game tomorrow.”

Queiroz, who is the former head coach for Portugal and Real Madrid, said Iran will be a difficult team to beat.

“You can play good football when you defend well,” he told AP. “To defend is part of the game. If we need to defend, I’m telling you we are going to defend. If we need to suffer, I’m telling you, we are going to suffer.”

Nekounam, 33, has nearly 140 caps to his name.

“The 2006 World Cup was a memorable experience. Although we didn’t have success, I have good memories of the tournament and I realized many things that can help me become a better player and that every time you play, you get experience from that game. We couldn’t get the results we wanted but I saw that even the most famous players give everything at every moment, and that is why they are the best,” he said, according to The Guardian.