Jason Buzi Identified as Man Behind Hidden Cash Twitter Account: ‘I’m trying to give back’

Jason Buzi was named as the man behind Twitter account Hidden Cash. Through the account Buzi has been guiding people to envelopes of cash around the San Francisco area and other parts of California.

Buzi tried to stay anonymous but did an interview with Inside Edition, trying to mask his voice, but a voice analysis expert apparently outed him.

Buzi says that after his name surfaced he’s been getting calls from all over the world, including from seven or eight television producers who want to turn his concept into a show. That was one of the reasons he wanted to stay anonymous.

“Part of the fun was the mystique, and I have family members who didn’t want the publicity,” he told the Bold Italic. “Plus the anonymity makes it easier to do the drops.”

Now that people know about him he’s transitioning into a spokesman for a group of donors that he works collectively with who are contributing to the campaign. Buzi says that there are many more drops planned.

Buzi also addressed criticism leveled at him about how he made his money, on real estate. According to some reports he made his money through questionable practices, and also dabbled in Internet spam.

“I totally understand that [wealth] is an issue,” he said. “I’m totally mindful of that. I wasn’t born wealthy. So many people I know have done better than me, and they’re not doing anything to give back. So it’s strange for someone who gives back to be criticized for how they give money. I really am just trying to give back.”

Buzi added to NBC that there’s no ulterior motive behind what he’s doing.

“Just because I am a businessperson doesn’t mean everything for me is about making money. It isn’t,” he said in an email.

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