Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Paul Walker’s Girlfriend, Reportedly Wants Some of Walker’s Fortune

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, Paul Walker’s girlfriend of seven years, reportedly wants a piece of the late actor’s fortune.

Walker, who starred in a range of movies–principally five installments of the increasingly popular ‘Fast & Furious” series–left behind $45 million in money and assets.

Now Walker’s parents; his ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain (with whom he had Meadow Walker, his 15-year-old daughter); and Pilchard-Gosnell are all angling to get part of the fortune, according to a source who spoke to Star Magazine.

McBrain believes she should get some of the assets, the source said. McBrain is a Hawaii resident; Meadow lived there for much of her life but recently moved to California to live with Walker.

“There’s no way Paul’s family will let Rebecca get her hands on all the money,” the source said. “Paul’s family think they should be the financial caretakers.”

But in addition Pilchard-Gosnell believes that she should get some of the fortune, the source said. She and Walker are believed to have dated for seven years. Pilchard-Gosnell, now 23, is a college student.

“Paul’s parents want to have control of his assets” though, the source said. “They think they know best.”


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