Jana Duggar’s ‘Concert Pianist’ Career Listing Confuses Some

January 14, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Jana Duggar and John David Duggar recently celebrated their 25th birthday, but Jana’s current job has some fans confused.

Jim Bob and Michelle on the official Duggar Facebook page shared pictures of the twins out to dinner with their parents and grandma, and included a short blurb about what the pair have been up to.

“They both have a ministry heart and are great role models for other young people. John just finished up his pilots license and is staying busy with construction and police work. Jana is a concert pianist and is involved in many ministries,” their parents said.

However, some fans (and critics) said that being a concert pianist doesn’t seem to be a big job, especially considering Jana rarely leaves home and has not been seen traveling for that vocation.

“A little honesty would be refreshing, Duggars!! When and where did Jana train to become a ‘concert’ pianist?? I almost choked when I read that lie!!” said one. 

“I doubt she is a concert pianist. True concert pianists have to practice many hours of the day, as it is a passion and career for them. With all the child raising and indentured servitude that is required for her to do so Mommy Dearest Michelle can have an easy life doing what she wants, I don’t see where she would have the time of day to study the most difficult classic musical pieces of the great composers. What the Duggars probably meant to say is she can play a little piano,” added another.

“Where has Jana performed? I would love to hear her! I thought to be classed as a concert pianist you would have to have a lot of solo performances in public,” added yet another.

Other fans weren’t troubled with the job listings, though, and wished the Duggars well. 

“Thanks to you all and your family for being such positive role models for our young people! We need more Godly examples!!” said one.

“Happy Birthday Jana and John!!! (Mine is tomorrow:) ) you all are such a blessing and inspiration,” said another.

“Though Jana is a couple years younger than me, I look up to her as an example of how a young woman of God should present herself. She is a true example of modesty and poise! Truly a Beautiful spirit.” said another.

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