‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ Premieres Second Season Challenge

April 13, 2011 Updated: October 1, 2015

Jamie Oliver, Celebrity Chef from UK. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images )
Jamie Oliver, Celebrity Chef from UK. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images )
The second second season of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution premiered on ABC on April 12, this time set in Los Angeles.

The celebrity chef's Emmy award-winning reality show's new series covers a story involving a lot of resistance from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) board.

"Anything that could have gone wrong went wrong," Oliver told Entertainment Tonight. "I was basically banned from every single school before I even landed in the plane which was a real shame."

“We went to LA basically because it's a big media center. It's one of the biggest school districts in the country, and also it's kind of well-positioned to do incredible things fairly quickly.”

The 34-year-old said in the Entertainment Tonight interview that the 2011 season was like "fighting against the storm" and the bureaucracy was a "nightmare." He aims to give the public a voice and fight to get healthy meals for their kids.

Oliver said in an ABC clip that the LAUSD board of education publicly denied him access to any school. But the Naked Chef always has his way, and instead asked parents and children to show him the food served by their school. “It was worst than many that I have seen before," he said.

Food Revolution was founded by Jamie Oliver in 2010 to address the obesity crisis and show people how to fundamentally change for the better through healthy eating.

Oliver won the Technology, Entertainment, Design prize in 2010 for raising awareness about healthy eating through Food Revolution. He will be cooking for Prince William and Kate Middleton at their upcoming royal wedding.